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Golfinger007 10 September 2020 19

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After Midnight Snack
A choice late night dish of pop funk & r'n'b with a dash of hip hop, a la Soo. These music styles were incorporated into the Motown sound, born in 1959 in Detroit, and into the world's heartbeat of pop music. You can hear the respect for those early influences in these setlists. It's interesting how geography relates to musical roots, a few hours on the I-75 into Upper Michigan and across the border into Northern Ontario.

The Late Nighter
Steel meets rock, cranking it up with heavy music. Rock, blues, roots punk and any music with a harder edge, both sonically and lyrically, has always had a huge fan base in the north. The long winters may have something to do with that. Staying warm is easier when the speakers blast the heat late night.

The Sault Metal Scene
Pedal to the metal on the overnight shift. Inspired by the engine that revs the local economy and the night shift workers that are the driving force of Algoma Steel. Check out the for the absolute best information on the music and the artists that you hear on this program.

Night’s Early Dawn
Hard rockin' cafe music for getting ready to go or maybe for being up real late. Before the sun greets the day the workforce stirs, the coffee gets poured, and the lift a soul needs to get out of the dark is found in these chuggin' rhythms.

Country Rising
Serving up country and western music for the early-riser. We honour the Don Ramsay spirit in this hour. There was a time when Don Ramsay ruled the airwaves on Soo local radio promoting western, hillbilly and old-time - collectively calling it country music - and making it popular way before it became mainstream. This hour is dedicated to Mr. Ramsay and to those riding the range.

Music For Breakfast
Easy listening indie and contemporary folk songs celebrate the beauty of the North; its nature, its spirit and the people that call it home. In the Great Lakes region the air is fresher, the space is greater and the locals keep a comfortable pace. The music has a genuine flavour that comes from living a simpler life true to the surroundings.

The Soo Daily Spot
The spotlight shines on a local artist. When you want to learn a little about the people behind the music that plays on The Borderline, this is the time. You also get to hear a short set of the music, kind of like a mini-concert. And it's all on your coffee break.

The Late Morning
It's a percolating pot of the smooth and easy listening music blend. These are tunes to get a little jolt of caffeine in the system to keep sharp, and to make sure the mood is positively energized. After all, the day is really just getting started.

The Noon Hour Podcast
The Noon Hour Podcast

Stone’s Rolling Cafe
Featured music is freeform and flowing, with pop art and the poets up here, all in the cafe. Artistically eclectic and always interesting because that's how it rolls in this cafe. Local talent shines. Esteemed musicians from around the world share the soundstage. It's a community that bands the creative circle.

The Soo Drive-In
FM rock, roots and pop tunes for getting away from the workday, and for just getting away from it all. We're lucky around here that traffic jams are not a thing, but we do love our drive home time to crank some tunes. We're not going to the movies here, it just feels like it.

Happy Hour
Songs from home and around the world that make you don't worry and be happy. So pour yourself something refreshing, tune in and meet your friends at Happy Hour. It's the best time of day, right? Alright, let's do this. Cheers.

The Six O’Clock Podcast
The Six O'Clock Podcast

Cruisin’ Queen
A playlist that hearkens to FM rock'n'roots punk music, for highway drivin' or cruisin' all night. Great music on the radio drives the vehicle. Like on the road trip that takes the I-75 to Castle Farms Charlevoix, or on a cruise downtown Queen Street to the Memorial Gardens. A lot of influence from those days shows up in the local music of today, and that's pretty cool.

The Upbeat
Soozie-style blues, jazzy grooves and funky roots music. Back in the day, radio in the Soo came in clear from faraway places like Chicago and Detroit, and those early blues sounds planted many seeds. Today, the blues tradition is alive and well around here. And the upbeat is like classic late night radio from across the border, helping make sense of life at the end of the day.

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