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  • Radio Italia w/ Ada & Nino (17)
    Radio Italia Sault Ste. Marie By Nino & Ada On 26 June 2022

    Radio Italia w/ Ada & Nino (17)

    Programmma 17 Drammatico è uno stile di vita nel programma di oggi, in cui l’amore e la gratitudine sono ancora al centro della scena, sia degli amici che dei cuori gitani. Ada e Nino suonano canzoni per ballare sulle tue [...]

  • Soo JukeBox Memories E18
    The Soo JukeBox Memories By Brian Tremblay On 25 June 2022

    Soo JukeBox Memories E18

    ON TODAY’S EDITION Roberta Bondar. Fred H. Varley. Edmund Fitzgerald. Fort St. Joseph. Chico Maki. More…. David Bowie – A Space OddityTalking Heads – Artists OnlyGordon Lightfoot – The Wreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldThe Arrogant Worms – The War of [...]

  • Summer Moon Fest 2022 – Jean Paul Langlois
    The Smart As Trees Podcast By theBorderline On 24 June 2022

    Summer Moon Fest 2022 – Jean Paul Langlois

    Jean Paul is a Métis artist from Vancouver Island, currently painting in East Vancouver. His work is informed by television and cinema, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons. Using ultra-saturated colours, references to art history and well-worn cinema [...]

  • Sev’s Cellar – Meg Tennant
    Sev's Cellar By Sev Micron On 23 June 2022

    Sev’s Cellar – Meg Tennant

    Meg Tennant’s love of song was awakened early. Her childhood home in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario was filled with music, and after the obligatory piano-lesson foundation, she acquired her first guitar at age sixteen. The songwriting began in earnest then, [...]

  • Summer Moon Fest 2022 – Kayla aka Milkbox
    The Smart As Trees Podcast By theBorderline On 23 June 2022

    Summer Moon Fest 2022 – Kayla aka Milkbox

    Kayla Buium, the street artist known as Milkbox, is an illustrator and professional rollerskater from Toronto, Canada. She uses bright colours and rubbery characters to spread positive messages to her community. Milkbox gained recognition for her work while studying at OCAD University [...]


Podcast Series

An hour of heavy metal worldwide in all its forms with the backstory and what's happening now. Every issue features a segment of the Sault Metal Scene.

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The history of The Soo through the eyes and words of its own citizens, all put to songs that conjure up a time back in the day.

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With Joel Syrette and Peter White, educators and musicians. Via the songs from Peter's album, Voices From The Gathering Place, conversations that explore the oral tradition of the First Nations peoples and how the history books written accounts compare.

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Love Local

A program about the benefits of supporting local business. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities - they support local charities, community organizations, arts and culture, fundraisers, and sports teams.

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Adrienne Beaupre is our gracious hostess. Nish Corner is a place where spirits are open and guests from all peoples are welcomed and invited to share their story.

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Sev's Cellar

Musical minds meet at Sev's Cellar to trade ideas on all things music. Host Sev Micron is not bashful, and has fun in asking questions that are too personal, but he tries anyway. Great tunes always.

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THE NEW NORMAL Explores non-traditional therapy, specializing in parapsychology and empathically learning to achieve balance and peace within. When Maria was five she had a near-death experience during open heart surgery and was pronounced "clinically dead." While out of her body she traveled and explored other dimensions where she learned many teachings from key individuals of popular culture, academia and spirituality. It is there that Maria met her guardian angel, Fidgal. Maria graduated with Honours in Peace and Conflict Studies from Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology and uses this knowledge, along with her expertise in the afterlife and her ability to see auras, to help others find and create peace in their lives. Together, Maria and Fidgal operate a successful business under the name "Fidgal." As a Peace Therapist, Maria helps to guide people in very profound ways. And you could say that Maria’s guardian angel, Fidgal, knows everything. Hosted by: Maria & Fidgal with Adrian V. Website: Email:

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A salute to Canadian bands that have played the Soo and to local groups that hit the tour circuit over the years, making their mark. Brian Tremblay is a passionate rock'n'roll fan, and your fine host. Complete with interviews, road stories, factoids and superb songs that details their impact on the music scene everywhere.

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