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Life & Culture

Bryan Davies

Lisa Tucker 10 August 2021 1163 126 4

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Bryan’s passion for great stories, sweeping histories, and the beautiful Sault Ste. Marie region are now perfectly converged at Tagona Creative. Author of over 900 published articles, a well-regarded international Sport Science text, numerous book chapters, and hundreds of commissioned research projects spanning law, history, human rights, and numerous niche topics Bryan brings his relentless enthusiasm and an unbounded inquiring, creative spirit to every Tagona project.

A creative works incubator.
At Tagona Creative, we transform incredible true stories into viable commercial works for all print, digital and film spaces. Exacting research, literary flair, an international network of allied professionals and pure passion for their craft powers every Tagona project advanced by partners Bryan Davies and Andrew Traficante.

A multifaceted creative works incubator in the resurgent heart of the early 20th century Sault Ste Marie / Consolidated Superior industrial empire, Tagona Creative embodies a unique, intensely collaborative 21st century creative vision. Storytelling excellence spanning post-industrial age renewal, memoir, sport, compelling First Nations histories, and its international alliances with leading film production, publishing and knowledge enterprises are defining Tagona features.


Bryan Davies

There are 168 hours in every week… it is how you choose to use them that counts.

bryan davies

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