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Life & Culture

Al Errington

Lisa Tucker 23 August 2022 586 125 4

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This program first aired in September of 2020.

‘Gang Politics’ is a book for modern times, and co-author Al Errington explains the current landscape as he sees it, to host Lisa Tucker.

Albert Errington is a life long entrepreneur in the tourism, hospitality and retail industries and has has been involved in numerous non-profit and industry association organizations as well, including 6 years as President of Ontario Canada’s Nature & Outdoor Tourism Industry. Al began studying governance after he became President of NOTO (Nature & Outdoor Tourism Ontario) from 2003-2009 and began developing his own governance education tools and graphics because he found little support for good governance education, especially for small to medium size organizations and businesses. Al met co-author Riley Smith while they worked with a First Nation on a transportation initiative. He was impressed with Riley’s organizational and presentation skills.

About Al Errington in his own words.
I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and learned innovation, collaboration and responsible, accountable decision-making and delegation from a very early age. I became involved in Community and Industry non-profits over 20 years ago where I developed substantial strategic, organizational, collaboration and governance skills.

Governance is fascinating, very poorly understood broadly, and a substantial influence in global economic and political issues. Organizations of all types; businesses, non-profits, charities & governments are mechanisms of cooperation and collaboration on value creation. Organizations of all types are servants, who they serve, how they serve & how well they serve is determined by governance.

Governance is the foundation of effective, accountable organizations. Governance is the relationships, structures, and processes of a business or organization being effective and accountable in value creation. Good Governance is not a process or structure; processes and structures are governance tools. Good Governance is a result. Good Governance results in being Focused, Effective and Accountable in serving the value creation needs the business or organization exists to serve for those it exists to serve. Focused in Purpose, Effective in Implementation, Accountable in Results, that is Good Governance. I have developed a number of governance education and training graphics and methods to help make governance easier to understand so good governance is easier to achieve.

I consider myself to be a philosopher in the traditional sense. I have always had a philosophical inclination but my study of governance has required me to look at organizations without illusion or prejudice, a necessary discipline in evaluating organizational function and dysfunction that also serves being a true philosopher who loves learning, knowledge, and truth. Not truth in regard to honesty, although that is very important, but truth in perceiving reality clearly, without illusion or prejudice.


Facebook: @ Al Errington

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Al Errington

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