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Life & Culture

Kimberly Love

Lisa Tucker 3 August 2021 1033 126 4

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Kimberly Love is the CEO of Viking Queens and a radio host on Crushing 40, Impact Radio USA. She speaks to coaches, experts, and celebrities daily to inspire listeners to change their lives. When she’s not on the radio, she’s writing books, spending time with her daughter, or dancing in the kitchen.

Kimberly Love is the author of three books to date.

You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine -Her passion is in thrillers and she is working on her next novel which will be part one of eight in a crime thriller series. Before being published, she was a ghostwriter for ten years, writing close to 100 books for clients and thousands of articles. What she loves are dinosaurs and vampires and what she hates most of all is walking down into a dark basement. Let’s face it. Kimberly wouldn’t last five minutes in one of her books.

Divine Vengeance – Some angels have a different mission.”I’m going to tell you a story; the story of my death. Not just my death but also my rebirth.”When Talia died in a car accident in the small town of Sault Ste. Marie, no one ever expected to see her again, especially her daughter Persephone. But Talia’s life was not meant to end there. Persephone is the chosen one to lead the future generations out of the darkness and her life needs to be protected at all cost.As the world falls into darkness and demons descend on the residents of the small town, Talia is resurrected as an Archangel to return to the world and fight the evil and protect her daughter.The end of the world is upon the small town and the battle between good and evil is in Talia’s hands. Can she save her daughter and her friends from the extermination of the human race?

Bare: Love, Sex, and Finding Your Soulmate – Kimberly tells her own story of heartache and healing and what it meant for her to love herself first in a world that rushes into relationships. It’s time to win at love instead of complaining about the dating culture.

How do kissing and sex fall into a long-lasting relationship? Can a healthy relationship be established after an abusive one? Is it possible to spot red flags before getting into a relationship? There is a plan to heal, a plan to find healthy love, and to kiss your way to true love.

She candidly talks about how to have long-lasting love that includes bearing your soul, dancing in the kitchen, and having sex like you’re still on your honeymoon. Each chapter comes with a matching playlist so you can join in on the LOVE vibe. BARE will have you seeking out all the desires in your life.


Kimberly Love

Overcoming abuse doesn’t just happen, It takes positive steps everyday. Let today be the day you start to move forward.

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