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Amy Maltman

Lisa Tucker 6 September 2022 1043 126 4

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Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Amy grew up obsessed with animals and Star Wars. Not much has changed.

A graduate of the Universities of Guelph and Toronto, Amy is now a disabled pharmacist with syringomyelia, a rare spinal cord disorder. She enjoys spending time with her menagerie of pets (which is never large enough), watching too much TV and too many movies (including Star Wars, Marvel, and Supernatural marathons), reading, and collecting Funko Pops. She is a regular participant in GISH, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. Established by actor Misha Collins, GISH raises money for charities through acts of kindness, creativity, and fun.

Amy is passionate about animal rights and the environment. She dreams of opening an animal sanctuary and naming it Boomerang Farm in honour of her golden retriever, Boomer, who died from cancer in 2015.

Ride Every Stride

Amy Maltman’s first novel reached #1 on Amazon charts around the world. Jed Carver hopes to put his troubled past behind him. After fleeing across the country, he finds refuge in his new job at a prestigious stable and commits himself to his goal – a spot on the Canadian Equestrian Team. Jed is confident in his riding ability, but the obstacles outside of the ring could be his undoing.

A Journey Unveiled

A plane crash. A cave. A magical journey begins.

It’s June 8, 2004. The first Transit of Venus in more than a century. Lexi Guinel and her family are flying high above the Italian Alps when a storm sweeps in, knocking their plane from the sky. While seeking help, Lexi stumbles through a mysterious veil into a world of magic and evil.

Crown Prince Aeric of Gower obeys his father’s every order, no matter how dark or cruel. When elves and dwarves seize the city Aeric commands, he is grateful for his critical wounds. He’d rather face death than the king’s wrath. Unfortunately for him, the witches and elves have other plans.

Lexi has more to learn than magic. Life in Gowerland is dangerous, especially after her fate becomes entwined with that of Prince Aeric. They have important roles to play…provided they don’t kill each other first.

Step through a crack, you can’t go back.

An Enemy Defined

Deadly creatures. Inhospitable lands. The magical journey continues.

Five weeks after Lexi Guinel plunged into Gowerland from Earth, she is on the run from the irate King Ulric and the evil Selenites. With her is Prince Aeric, reluctant as always and grappling with bad tidings from home. Together, they must find the artifacts required to fulfill the Venus Prophecy and save Gowerland.

Working with Aeric doesn’t mean Lexi trusts him. He seems to be cooperating, but does he have other plans? And can they find the artifacts before King Ulric and the Selenites catch them?

For every question answered, another arises, until a stunning betrayal unearths long-buried secrets that redefine Lexi’s knowledge of the enemy.

When faced with deceit, you cannot retreat.


Visit: acciotofu.blogspot

Amy Maltman

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.

alfred a. montapert

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